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Palisade Fence

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Palisade Fence

Palisade Fence is widely used in the industry. As a commercial fence, using hot formed and cold rolled steel belts to form a secure panel. Palisade Fence can prevent us from most of the intrusions. There are also three types of tops, including “W” profile, “D” profile and angle iron. Skyhall Palisade Fence can also prevent crime for the private residents.


Panels feature strong and secure steel pales, available in a full range of top designs, depending on the security and architectural requirements. With standard heights of 8’, 10’ and 12’.

Posts and Rails

Panels are installed on rails in front of the posts, allowing for a finished appearance that is seamless for fence lines of any length. This configuration allows for fast installation – and means that exact post spacings are not a requirement!


Choose from a wide range of gate styles, including pedestrian and drive Swing gates, as well as Slide and Cantilever gates.


Palisade panels and gates are manufactured with galvanized tubular steel.This coating provides longer protection from U.V. rays and salt spray than either E-Coat or standard polyester coatings.

Palisade Fence 1
Palisade Fence 2
Palisade Fence 3

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