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Galvanized Wire

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Galvanized Wire

Galvanized iron wire, Because of different zinc coating process it can be divided into: electro galvanized steel wire and hot-dipped galvanized steel wire.

It coil weight changes from 0.7kgs/coil to 800kgs/coil. Protection is wrapped inside with PVC strips and outside with Hessian cloth or inside with PVC strips and outside with weaving bag.

Galvanized iron wire is mainly used as wire for meshes, spring wires, rope wires, knitting wires, scrubbing wires. Tig and Mig wires, nail wires, wires for constructions, stitching Wire, etc.Its another usage is binding wire for construction materials or weaving wire mesh products.

Galvanized Wire in Small Coils:

Wire diameter: 0.4mm-2.0mm

Packed in 2kg-30kg small coils. Plastic film inside, gunny bags or woven bags outside.

Galvanized Wire in Big Coils:

Elongation: =17%.

Packing: Big coils of 150kg-800kg.

Wire diameter: 0.5mm-1.6mm.

Tensile strength: 300–500MPa.

Galvanized Wire on Spools:

Elongation: =15%.

Packing: On spools of 0.5kg-500kg.

Wire diameter: 0.265-1.60mm.

Tensile strength: 300–450MPa.

Product list:

0.65mm hot dipped galvanized wire

3.0mm hot dipped galvanized wire


Galvanized wire in spool.


Electric galvanized wire