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Deer Fence Manufacturer

This top quality high tensile deer fence is ideal for the confinement of small and large animals, from sheep and goats to deer and elk. Deer and wildlife fence is woven from high tensile wires; either 12-1/2 top and bottom with 14 gauge filler ZA (Zinc/Aluminum) coated or 12-1/2 gauge Class 3 galvanized. You are assured of a long lasting fence. Minimum tensile strength of the 12-1/2 gauge fences is 140,000 psi. Strong fixed knot construction – one-piece vertical wires are tightly fastened to horizontal wires by a third wire which wraps around the intersection. Vertical wires cannot unwind under pressure. Although the joint is firmly held, there is enough inherent flexibility in the design to allow the fence to conform to uneven terrain. Tension curves in the horizontal wires allow for expansion and contraction. Spacing of horizontal wires of deer and wildlife fence are graduated from small at the bottom to large at the top.


  •  Made in CHINA
  • Knots will not unravel, break or slide
  • One piece vertical stay wires give greater strength
  • Stiff knots securely hold horizontal line and vertical stay wires together
  • Strong deer/game fence woven from 12-1/2 or 14 gauge high tensile wire
  • Fence will not sag or stretch under snow load or extreme temperature changes
  • Crimps in horizontal wires allow fence to conform to terrain and absorb impact
  • Three finishes, depending on style:

~ Galvanized (Class 3) – 12-1/2 gauge high tensile horizontal and vertical wires

~ Zinc Aluminum (ZA) – high strength 12-1/2 gauge horizontal wires, 14 gauge vertical

~ ZA + black paint (Bezinal) – 12-1/2 gauge horizontal and vertical wires

  • ZA finish: 95% zinc, 5% aluminum – lasts three times longer than Class 1 galvanized
  • Bezinal finish – UV stabilized black paint over ZA – lasts longer than Class 3 galvanized


  • Deer farming, deer exclusion, or any deer management and control application.
  • Exotic Deer: all types
  • High fence ranch management
  • Hunting ranches
  • Airport & roadside protection


  • Fixed knot fence.
  • Pre-stripped rolls – (all of the stay-tuff fence rolls come with 18” of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll).
  • Heavy Duty galvanization.
  • Extra strong bottom and top wires.
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Impact-resistant strength – the knots will not unravel, break, or slide.
  • Won’t sag or stretch, even under snow/ice load or extreme temperature changes.
  • Resists rust & corrosion – lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence.
  • Resists predator penetration.
  • Saves money on materials – longer distances between posts as compared to standard low-tensile two-panel fence systems.
  • Saves money on labor costs – knots are stripped on both ends of the fence, ready to tie. Saves 20-30 minutes per roll.



How to interpret style numbers:


20 – number of horizontal wires

96 – height of fence in inches

6 – space between vertical wires in inches

12-1/2- gauge of wires

Product list:

12.5/14 gauge Class 3

1478-6-12.5/14 style, 78″x330′ – 14 gauge, 6″ spacing between vertical wires

12.5 gauge top and bottom wires, 14 gauge filler wires

1690-6-12.5/14 style, 90″x330′ – 14 gauge, 6″spacing between vertical wires

12.5 gauge top and bottom wires, 14 gauge filler wires

12-1/2 gauge Class 3

 1348-3-12-1/2 style, 48″x100′ – 3″ spacing between vertical wires

1348-3-12-1/2 style, 48″x200′ – 3″ spacing between vertical wires

1348-6-12-1/2 style, 48″x330′ – 6″ spacing between vertical wires

949-12-12-1/2 style, 49″x330′ – 12″ spacing between vertical wires

1775-6-12-1/2 style, 75″x330′ – 6″ spacing between vertical wires

2096-6-12-1/2 style, 96″x330′ – 6″ spacing between vertical wires

23120-6-12-1/2 style, 120″x330′ – 6″ spacing between vertical wires