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Chinese Manufacturer of Black Chain Link Fence

Chinese Manufacturer of Black Chain Link Fence

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According to the surface cover chain link fence is divided into Galvanized Chain Link Fence and Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence. As the low cost and easy installation Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence is used in many areas which covers road, railway, high-way and other fence facilities.About the galvanized chain link fence PVC you could have three choice for the zinc coating rate(CLASS 1,CLASS 2,CLASS 3) The class 3 is the best one which is much better on the corrosion prevention than the two others.

FHM is a professional supplier of Black Chain Link Fence.

  1. This mesh is made from hot dipped galvanized wire with  layer. PVC layer + hot dipped galvanized could make corrosion resistance stronger so that it can get a longer lifetime.
  2. About the PVC layer, FHM insists on superior powder material so that our mesh owns a brighter performance comparing with competitors.


Black Chain Link Fence is also be called diamond fence because of the diamond opening. The selvage has three types which are knuckle, horizontal and Twist type. The popularity of chain link fabric is based on its relatively low cost and ease of installation.Black Chain Link Fence is popular as security fence used in yard, industrial zones, houses, roads,crowd control, animal breeding and zoo protection. Another usage is temporary chain link fabric which is often used in public square as temporary fences.