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According to the surface cover chain link fence is divided into Galvanized Chain Link Fence and Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence. As the low cost and easy installation Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence is used in many areas which covers road, railway, high-way and other fence facilities.About the galvanized chain link fence you could have three choice for the zinc coating rate(CLASS 1,CLASS 2,CLASS 3) The class 3 is the best one which is much better on the corrosion prevention than the two others.

Chain Link Fence is also be called diamond fence because of the diamond opening. The selvage has two types which are knuckle and Twist type.

Knuckle Type

Twist Type

Chain link fence is available in heights of 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120”, and 144”. The fabric is formed by weaving a series of spirals together. How the top and bottom of fence is finished is referred to as the selvage. Fences less than 72″ must knuckle both ends by industry standard. Heights of 72” and higher, are generally twisted or barbed at one end and knuckled on the other. For high security enclosures, chain link can be obtained with both ends twisted or barbed.

Chain Link Fence Parts

Chain Link Fence 3.2
Chain Link Fence 3.1

Chain Link Fence and Parts Specifications:


Chain-Link Fence
Gauge 9, 11 or 11 1/2
Mesh 2″ or 2 1/4″
Heights 3′, 42″, 4′, 5′ and 6′
Selvage Knuckle-Knuckle (KK) for 5′ and under. Knuckle-Knuckle (KK) or Barb-Knuckle (BK) for 6′ and over
Top Rail
3′ to 5′ High 1-3/8″ O.D. 17 Gauge
1-3/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
6′ High 1-3/8″ O.D. 17 Gauge
1-3/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
1-5/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
Line Posts
3′ to 5′ High 1-5/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
6′ High 1-7/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
Terminal Posts
3′ to 5′ High 1-7/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
2-3/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
6′ High 2-3/8″ O.D. 16 Gauge
Fabric same mesh and gauge as
Chain-Link selected
Frame same as Top Rail selected
Steel Fittings Hot-Dip Galvanized
Caps, Eye Tops, Rail Ends Die Cast Aluminum
Tie Wires Aluminum
Material Composition Polyethylene Thermoplastic
Colors Green Black, Brown, Gray, Redwood, Blue, Desert Sand

What is the chain link fence project?

Project work is the tubular steel frame that chain link fence is attached to. The frame work is comprised of three components; top rail, line posts, and terminal posts. Terminal posts are set in concrete and are end, corner, and gate posts. Line posts are smaller in diameter than terminal posts and are the intermediate posts between terminal posts. These should also be set in concrete. The top rail is attached to the terminal posts and passes through fittings which are attached to line posts. This provides a horizontal frame that supports that fabric.

Chain Link Fence 4

Both methods of manufacturing conform to ASTM F669-92. The quality of tubular products is relative to the thickness of steel, as well as the zinc coating. Please refer to chart one for further information on tubular products and typical applications.

Chain Link Fence 5

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