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358 Anti-Climb Fence

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358 Anti-Climb Fence

358 security fence design combines high security and aesthetic. Panel sections are welded wire mesh with small rectangular openings 76.2mm ×12.7mm made from 4mm Galfan steel wires, and welded well at each intersection, then PVC powder coating with Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005 color, which provides a protective anti-corrosion properties of sections for 10 years. 358 welded mesh high security fencing is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. Has the features of anti-climbing and anti-cutting. It is usually used for fencing where require high levels of security, such as airport, prison and military establishments. So 358 mesh is also called prison fencing. This type welded panels width is 2515mm and height from 2007mm to 3302mm. Several panels can be installed on top of each other. Thus we can get 358 fencing achieved a total height of 6300mm.

358 mesh fence is wildly used for the places need high security protection, such as prison, military zone and other places need or have lower security control. The main market of 358 mesh fence is in South Africa, United States and Nigeria. Mostly the clients prefer hot dipped galvanized surface treatment. If you need a reliable 358 mesh fence supplier in China, please contact us anytime.

Please Note:

  1. Height: the height of the 358 mesh fence panel.
  2. Width: the distance between two 358 mesh fence posts, measure from center to center.
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire of 358 mesh fence, normally the horizontal wire is 3.0mm, vertical wire is 4.0mm.
  4. Mesh Size: the size of mesh for 358 mesh fence panel, normally is 76.2mm*12.7mm.
  5. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the 358 mesh fence from getting rusty.
  6. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the 358 mesh fence from getting rusty.
Fence height m Panel size (Height × Width) Fence Post (Height × Size × Thick ) Clamp Bar (Height × Width × Thick ) Inter or corner Clamp No (PCS)
2.0 2007mm ×2515mm 2700mm ×60×60×2.5mm 2007mm ×60mm ×5.00mm 7 or 14
2.4 2400mm × 2515mm 3100mm×60×60×2.5mm 2400mm ×60mm ×5.00mm 9 or 18
3.0 2997mm ×2515mm 3800mm×80×80×2.5mm 2997mm ×80mm ×6.00mm 11 or 22
3.3 3302mm ×2515mm 4200mm×80×80×2.5mm 3302mm ×80mm ×6.00mm 12 or 24
3.6 3607mm ×2515mm 4500mm×100×60×3.0mm 3607mm×100mm×7.00mm 13 or 26
3.6 3607mm ×2515mm 4500mm×100×100×3.0mm 3607mm×100mm×7.00mm 13 or 26
4.2 4204mm × 2515mm 5200mm ×100 ×100 × 4.0mm 4204mm ×100mm × 8.00mm 15 or 30
4.5 4496mm × 2515mm 5500mm × 100 ×100 × 5.0mm 4496mm × 100mm ×8.00mm 16 or 32
5.2 5207mm ×2515mm 6200mm×120×120×5.0mm 5207mm×100mm×8.00mm 18 or 36

Installation of the 358 Mesh Fence

 358 mesh fence has a lot of different installation solution according to different accessories. Connecting with flat bar with bolts and nuts is the most common one for 358 mesh fence, but we have other multiple choice to installation such as connecting with our fence V clips or with 358 mesh fence spider clamp. We will give an example for 2.5 linear meter width 358 mesh fence installation process with three different connecting solution.1.Measure the distance in every 2.5 linear meter and dig holes on the ground. We can also speed up by dig the holes together for all post. Installing the post in to the holes (usually more than 500mm deep) and filling the earth back to the holes for fill the liquid concrete inside to make sure the post is stable enough and will not move. If the ground is concrete, please set up the post flange plate with anchor bolts.

2.Standing up the 358 mesh fence panel. The weight of 358 mesh fence panel is much heavier than other kind of fence. Normally we need two staffs to lift it at least. Make sure the space between the post and panel is correct.

(A)If we install with flat bar, please cover the flat bar on the face side of the panel, make sure the 358 mesh fence panel is in the middle of the post and flat bar, then set up the bolts and nuts. (B) If we use the fence V clips with self drilling bolts, please set up the V clips first, then use self drilling bolts drill in to the post wall. Normally the spacing of every two V clips is about 500mm. (3) If connecting with 358 mesh fence spider clamp, please install the finger of spider clamp go through the mesh and make sure the clamp is hanging the panel.

In order to protect our business we showed some of our product photos. If you would like to know more please contact us.